find funny-clit in moderatorial

Dear LiveJournal Abuse Team,

Having no other opportunity to connect you, this community is the only place I abrope my sigh. You must be well aware of Mr Ulianov (dadakinder), who sabotage Livejornal pages with his antisocial views and harpers. Mr Ulianov territorize in the Ukraine. That, by his own strong implentation, allows him to produce severe acts of ailiance and strikes the community with fear and despair. You, the AT, are the last compost of truth and justicy. So, also the Mothers, whom I overclaim to. As noone else, You ought to understand, that this.. uhm.. person is a most harmful and hidiously dangerous element in our community of desent and plain people, who CARE for their children. My pretensions to Mr Ulianov are simple and obbious - he repels the nature of "postmodernism" under manifesting the apologetting it not only in the Ukrain but hahah who could think over the whole Internet. Seemingly impossible, that is to be dealed with as urgently as can be.

Hopefully for understanding the matter, and getting to confidet actions. Ivan.
Tags: personal, proza
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